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Akana Athletics LLC is a comprehensive sports development  cooperative  aimed   at  providing individuals  the  vehicle  to  attain  peak  athletic and  academic  performance. Ry Akana,  is  the president  and founder of Akana Athletics, LLC. along  with  brothers  Stanton  (V.P), Jarinn and Brandyn    who    serve    as   board   members. Ry  transplanted  to  the  Pacific Northwest with his family in 1993, and has made Seattle home  for   the   last   25  years.   Currently,  he  is  the offensive  coordinator  at  Rainier  Beach H.S in Seattle.  He  is  also  a QB coach with the rising Polynesian Football Hall of Fame organization.  He  has  spent  the last 19 years coaching high  school  football  in  the Bellevue area.  He  was  most   recently   the   head   football   coach  at  Sammamish high school from 2017 - 2022. 

He   also  served  as  the  Quarterbacks  coach  for   the   Russell   Wilson   Passing   Academy  Camps  from  2014  -  2019,  QB  coach  at  the USA   Football  U.S  National   Team  Regional  Camp,  and  the  Football  University   Regional Skills  Camp  since  2014.   Ry  is  a  long-time  sports   enthusiast.   He   has   always   had   a  passion   for  developing  young  athletes   and  helping   them   realize   and  attain  their  peak  sports  potential,  all  the  while helping to instill  in them certain invaluable character traits  . . .  one of those being trust.  

"Characteristics of trust are composed
of beliefs (ones convictions), values
that influence ones behavior),
skills (ones knowledge and abilities),
and traits (the sum total of ones personality).
 We strongly believe that
in order for you to reach your greatest
and highest potential, there 
to be a solid foundation 
of trust
built between coach and athlete."

- Coach Ry

Head Coach, QBFG Academy

Under  the  umbrella  of  Akana  Athletics, LLC  lies  six  training  and development entities;

• T.O.P Sports Training

• Quarterback Field General Academy

• Mayhem 7's

• HUFS Tackle

• Student1-Athlete2
• Leadership Alliance

The  inception  of  T.O.P  Sports  Training  began  as  Ry  spent  the  better  part  of  his life coaching  his  sons, Casey  and Cameron,  in  every  sport  they were involved in.  It was in these  years  when  he  acquired  the  S.A.Q  certification,  to  train  his sons and help them gain   an   advantage  on  the  field  of  play.   What  started  as  quality  father-son  training  time,  quickly   evovled   into  his  boys  asking  if  friends  could  come  along  to  train  with them.  It  was  at  this  point  and  time  that  Ry  saw  the  need to provide speed and agility training  for  kids  that  did  not have the resources available for personal training.  Ry made the  decision  to  start T.O.P Sports Training, with  the  idea  to  provide  young  athletes the opportunity   for   FREE   speed   and  agility  training.  The  only  requirement  was  that  if  they showed up, they gave 100% effort.

In  1999,  Ry  was  hired as an assistant coach at Interlake    high    school,   and  continued  speed and  agility  training  for youth and  prep  athletes  in  the  off-season.  He  started  personal training  prep  athletes  over  the summer, before they left  for  their  respective collegiate training camps.

T.O.P  Sports  utilizes  drills  aimed  at  increasing linear,   lateral  and  angular acceleration & linear, lateral  and  angular  change of direction.  How to combine  lateral  movements with linear accelera- tion.   Understanding  and  using  de-acceleration and re-acceleration techniques.

(Pic Left: Ry oaching QB's at the Nike Football Training Camp in Seattle)

Ry  created  and started the Quarterback Field  General Academy after having the opportunity   to   intern   with  QB  Guru,  George Whitfield. George is credited for  further   developing   the   QB  I.Q,  skills and  talents of many collegiate and NFL  quarterbacks   such   as   Cam   Newton, Jameis  Winston,  Andrew Luck,  Johnny Manziel,  Connor Cook and Josh Rosen. Ry, learned a great deal from shadowing George    at   the   "Black  Ops"   camps, and   at  the  "Slay  On"  tour  in Seattle.  As  he  trained  local  prep and collegiate quarterbacks  through  the  next 3 years, he    designed   a   drill  called   Mayhem 7's,  that  would  gvie  his  quarterbacks better quality work in 7 on 7 workouts.

Above: Coach Ry drills youth Qb's at a QBFG Academy Boot Camp

He  admits  he  is  not a huge advocate of the traditional  7  on  7  format,  citing  that  it's  a highly  overrated  offensive drill, as it pertains to   the  quarterback  position.   Quarterbacks almost  never  have the luxury to comfortably sit  back in the pocket for 4 seconds, to make an  uncontested  throw.   Mayhem  7's allows for  a  rush  on  the  quarterback,  from one of five  rushers  set  at  the  line of scrimmage in 0,  3,  5  or  9  techniques.  The  "live"  rusher is  determined by the offensive coach, before each   snap.   On  the  snap,  rushers  wait  2 seconds, then the live rusher continues to the quartreback  from  his  gap assignment (A, B, C or D).  The  QB  must  now  go  through his progressions, read  defenses,  and know how to  react  to  different pressures and where to go with the ball.      

Ry  continues  to  coach  quarterbacks at different  camps  throughout  Seattle and Portland,  including   the  Russell  Wilson Passing  Academy  (RWPA) camp,  USA Footballs'  U.S  National  Team Regional Camp,  FBU  (Football  University)  Reg-ional  Skills  Camp  and  Semper Fidelis.

Along  with  QB  work,  QBFG  Academy focuses  on  the leadership aspect of the position.  So,  Leadership  Alliance  was 
instituted  as  part  of  QBFG  Academys' training  model.  Every  camp  concludes with  a  90 minute  class on how to be an effective  team leader.  All Quarterbacks  learn  about  different  leadership styles,  identifying  leadership  roles, and  how to cultivate  a  leadership style that fits their personality.

The  last module in our sports cooperative is    our   Student1-Athlete2   course.   We especially    target    the    young  teenage athletes  in middle school (7th-8th grade).  We    feel   this    is   the   perfect   age   to emphasize   the  importance of classroom work   as   a  priority  over   extracurricular activities.   In   Washington  state, in order to  be  eligible  to  play  high school sports as an  incoming freshman, you must have a   minimum   2.1   G.P.A  from  middle  or junior high school.

Ry coaching with Superbowl XLVIII champion quarterback Russell Wilson, at his Passing Academy camp at Husky stadium in Seattle.


Ry coaching U15 quarterbacks for USA Footballs' National Team Regional Camp in Seattle

Ry coaching U16 quarterbacks for USA Footballs' National Team Regional Camp in Portland

Ry and Galu Tagovailoa at 2022 Polynesian Bowl combine in Las Vegas

Ry and George Whitfield at the Slay On Tour camp at Husky stadium in 2016



Stanton  Akana  is Vice-President and Director of   football   Operations   at   Akana Athletics, LLC.   He   is  the  football  training/curriculum coordinator for all for camps and clinics.  

Stanton  currently  resides  with  his  family in Lindon, Utah.   Stanton  attended High School at Kamehameha School in Hawaii, and  was  a three-sport Letterman in Football, Basketball,  and  Baseball.  He  was  a  1st team  All I.L.H. Linebacker, and a 1st team All-State selection  at   Linebacker,   and  named  as  a  Prep  All-American  in   1976.    He   was   part  of  two consecutive Hawaii State Championship teams in   1975   and   1976.   He  went  on  to  play collegiate  football  at  Ricks  College in Idaho, where  he  was  a two time JC All-American at linebacker.  He  was  recruited  to  BYU-Provo, and   played   one  season  with  the  Cougars before suffering a career ending injury.


He  graduated  from BYU-Provo with a degree in  education,  and  has  been teaching for the past 30 years.  Has been coaching linebackers for 25 years between Timpview, Provo, Orem, and Timpanogos high schools.

Currently,  he is the Outside linebackers coach at Wasatch H.S in Heber City, UT.


Director of Football Operations





Jarinn   Akana   is   one   of   the  board  of directors  at Akana Athletics, LLC. He is the Director    of   Basketball   Operations   and oversees  all  basketball  camps, clinics and special trainings.

Jarinn  was  a  standout prep and collegiate basketball player.  The Molokai high school guard  was  named the M.I.L Player-of-the-Year  in  1988,  and  is the first outer island player   to   receive   the  honor  of  HHSAA Player-of-the-Year   award   for   the  entire state of Hawaii.

He  was  recruited  heavily  by  BYU-Hawaii and played 1989 season for the Seasiders.  Upon   returning  from  his  2-year  mission from  Chile,  he  transferred  to  UH  Manoa where he played from 1991-1994.  In 1994, he  led  the  Rainbow  Warriors to the WAC championship  and  beat  BYU 73-66.  That championship  gave  UH  an  automatic bid into  the  NCAA Basketball tournament "Big Dance!"

Jarinn  has  been  an  NBA  assistant coach with  the Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets and   the  Milwaukee  Bucks.   He  currently works   as   a   sports   agent   in  the  NBA and   has   found  a  niche  in  successfully  representing  the top overseas international players, wanting to play in the NBA.

Board Member
Director of Basketball Operations

Brandyn   Akana   is  one  of  the  board  of directors  at  Akana  Athletics,  LLC.   He  is the    Director    of   Volleyball   Operations and  directly  oversees all volleyball camps, clinics and special trainings.  He also assists with our basketball operations.

A  standout  basketball player at Molokai high  school,  and receiving several M.I.L first  team  honors.  He was recruited by BYU-Hawaii  and enjoyed an outstanding career  for  the  Seasider  program.  His  team qualified for the NAIA Tournament  three  times, including his senior season  in  which  he  averaged  16.3  points per game.   He    was    named    NAIA   All-American     honorable    mention    that season.   He   ended  his  career  in  the school’s    top    10    in   nine   different statistical categories.

Brandyn  is  currently the head coach for Kahuku high school boys basketball.  He led   the   Red   Raiders   to  the  HHSAA Division  I  State championship in 2017.  Before  taking  the  helm  at  Kahuku, he spent  5  years  as an assistant coach for the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and 9 years as assistant coach at BYU-Hawaii.

Brandyn's  two  daughters,  Braelyn  and Keonilei   both   play   volleyball   at  the collegiate  level.  Braelyn is a currently a sophomore  at UH Manoa, while Keonilei is a sophomore at volleyball powerhouse Nebraska, in Lincoln.

Board Member
Director of Volleyball Operations

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