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The  acronym  for T.O.P Sports Training stands for   three   latin   words   meaning   endurance, swiftness,     and     agility.    Tolero    is    latin  for      endurance,     Ociter      means      swift,  and  Pernix  means  agility.   This  is  the basis for   the  T.O.P  Sports   Training   model.   

The   goal   for   every  athlete  that participates through  the  T.O.P  Sports  Training   program  is  to  develop  the endurance  to  perform  your respective sport at a  maximum  level,  execute athletic  moves  in  a  swift  fashion,  and  done  with  amazing grace and agility ... period.

We  understand  that in todays  sports, everyone is looking to gain the advantage and edge over  their  opponent.  Truth is, you never really know how hard your competition is working to  gain  the  competitive
  edge  over  you.  The only factor you can control is how prepared you  will  be  when  game  begins.  T.O.P Sports Training will help you achieve your athletic goals, and help you get to the TOP of your game!

Ry leading trainees through stretches at the Nike Football Training Camp at Husky Stadium.

The  "Field General"  in  football  refers  to the  offensive  leader of the team, or   the  quarterback.   A  successful  field  general  is  one  who  is  able  to  consistantly  and  very    quickly    assess    the   situation  in front  of  him,  read  defensive  keys at the line  of  scrimmage,  make  the  necessary adjustments,  and  execute  plays  that will advance  his  team  down  the field of play and put 6 on the scoreboard.  

Our   primary   goal   at  QBFG  Academy  is   to   develop  and  fine  tune  the  core  

quarterback mechanics  and basic fundamentals necessary for  quarterback play. Through  our   four   tier   quarterback  training   module,   we  mold  and  sharpen  the   quarterback  IQ, to produce astute and effective field generals by developing these skill sets:

• Footwork                                  • Gap Rush/Blitz Escapes                • Running Game Work 

• Body Mechanics                       • Coverage Drills/Reads                  • Leadership Skills

• Throwing Mechanics                • Throw on the run                           • Tight Window Throws

• Accuracy Drills                          • Chalk Talk                                     • Pocket Sensory

• Drops                                        • Quick Release                               • Film work

Upon  completion  of  each of the  four   tier   training  modules,  our  dedicated quarterbacks  earn  the distinction   of   a  "Field General" status,  recognizing  mastery  for  that  particular  tier  module.  The four tiers are:

Boot Camp

I.C.T (Intermediate Core Training)

A.F.T (Advanced Field Training)

OC-6 (Offensive Condition-6)

Ry drilling QB's on pocket agility at QBFG's Boot Camp

The QBFG Academy searches for young talent in the Puget Sound region to mold and train to   play   the   quarterback   position   at   a   high   level.   Our   training  model  also  helps individuals build self-confidence, develop type A characteristics that will help them succeed at  being a leader. These skills are invaluable on, and off the playing field. If  you  are ready to  take your  QB  game  to  the  next  level  of  play, let's get going!

Mayhem  7's  is  the  brain-child  of  Coach Ry.  Mayhem 7's, simply put is 7 on 7 with a  rush on the quarterback.  He  developed the twist on the traditional 7 on 7  over  the  many  years  that  he  spent coaching high  school   football,   and   the  time  he  spent coaching    quarterbacks.    He   began   to  get   frustrated   with   the   lack   of  quality work   his   quarterbacks    received    while participating  in  7  on  7  scrimmages,  and their   involvement   in   organized  passing leagues.    He   admits   he   is   not   a  big proponent of  7  on  7.   His  opinion on the traditional  7  on  7  format is that it's a very highly  overrated  drill, as  it pertains to the  quarterback  position. 

Noting   that   the   traditional   7   on  7  format  is  not  realistic  for  the  quarterback,  in  that the  quarterback  rarely  will  have  four  seconds  to  make  uncontested throws in the pocket, with no pressure.   

In  Coach Ry's pass offense/pass defense periods in practice, he began to add live pressures in  the  drill  in  order  to  give  his  quarterbacks  quality repetitions in making better decisions on  where  to  throw  the ball, based on predetermined pressures by live rushers holding hand shields.  What evolved from these drills, is the basis of the "Mayhem 7's" format.  

Simply  put,  Mayhem  7's is the traditional 7 on 7 format, with a live rush on the quarterback.  It  is designed to give all positions on the field of play a better and more realistic look at game situations.  

The   game   of   American  football  has been under attack for the last 10  years.  With  new  revelations of CTE  (Chronic  Traumatic  Encephalopathy), which  is a denegeration  of  the  brain,  caused  by repeated trauma to the head. 

The  game  has seen youth participation plummet   up   to   60%  in  some  states across  the  nation,  and up to 76% over the last 10 years.

However,  awareness  and  a  swift push to   correct   the   way  tackling  methods have been traditionally taught, has seen vast   improvements   to  the  amount  of concussions   and   head  trauma  being reported  at  the  youth  and  high school levels.

Akana  Athletics  has  created  its version of a safer tackle called the H.U.F.S Tackle.  H.U.F.S is the  acronym  for  "Heads Up-Front Shoulder".  We  teach that the strikepoint of the tackle is the front  of  the  chest  area,  up to the frontal deltoid.  When contact is made in this surface area, it makes it very difficult for the head to be in a downward, vulnerable position.  When the crown of the  head  is  in that down position, impact to the spine can cause paralysis and can even be life threatening.  

No one tackle is rarely ever the same in football.  There are tackles from every angle, and every orientation  point.  Knowing  what  tackle  to use, in the position that your body is in, can be very daunting  to  a defensive player given the speed of the play.  That's why it needs to be practiced often  and heavily repped, so that your mind and body can work in unison to commit it to muscle memory.  We  even have a special tackle clinic for Punters and Kickers, who to take pride in not getting their ankles broken, and being made to look silly on a returners highlight film!

Student 1  -  Athlete 2    is  a program  that  helps athletes understand  that if they want to    pursue    a    career    in athletics   at   the   collegiate level,   they   need  to  really understand  that  majority  of NCAA    schools    look    for athletes  who maintain a 3.5 - 4.0 GPA. 

Your  chances of being recruited as a potential student athlete diminishes greatly, the lower your GPA is in high school (fig. 1 below). 

We  have  developed  a  program,  to  assist  you  as  early as your sophomore year in high school,  to  assist  you in contacting the colleges of your choice that you have an interest in attending as a student athlete. Here is how we help:

1. Liason, between you and your high school academic counselor

2. Liason, between you and the college athletic department/coach of your choosing

3. Instruction on Study & Time Management, Verbal Skills, and Writing Essays

We  do  not claim to guarantee you a college scholarship, nor can we determine the grades that  you  will  receive  in  high  school.   However,  we  provide you with the necessary and proven  tools for you to excel in your classes.  As with anything in life, you alone, determine your outcome. 

Here  is  some  information  that  is  often  times  misunderstood  by  junior high and middle school  student  athletes.  If you want to compete in fall sports in high school your freshman year, you need to have ended your 8th grade year with a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.  


Fig.1: NCAA Eligibility Center/Recruiting criteria

The Leadership Alliance class is designed to  help  student  athletes  become  better, more  effective  leaders  and  captains  on their respective sports teams.

The   curriculum   for   our  class  is  taken primarily  from  Jeff  Janssens'  book "The Team  Captain's Leadership Manual".  We cover a 10-week course in about a month.

Student  athletes will  learn  and   explore  different    leadership   roles   and  styles,  and  also  how  to  cultivate  a  leadership  style    that    fits   thier   own   personality. They   learn   to   commit themselves to a  leadership  role  that helps  them  develop confidence.  Student  athletes  are  taught how  to  develop  composure,  and how to remain  cool  and  level  headed in heat of the moment situations.  Probably the most important   aspect   of   the   class,  in  our opinion,  is  the  relationship building skills that  student  athletes  learn  to  acquire to lead  their  team.  We want them to be the kind   of   leader   that  coaches  can trust, and that team mates will respect.

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